DIY: Thrift Store Clock Makeover

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Every year come spring, my mom, sister and I go to a bargain sale. It's basically this massive yard sale that hundreds of people donate to. We each have a list of things that we need and we separate into store sections and try to race the other shoppers to our item of choice. It's the bomb diggity.

This year I stumbled upon a retro double bell alarm clock. It had an MTV clock face. I've never even watch MTV. I decided to buy it (BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY A DOLLAR) and figured I could ruin it by crafting or just get rid of it. I ended up using it as my alarm clock all summer because it was the only thing loud enough to wake up my campers. Come fall and school I decided to buckle down and look on pinterest for inspiration and make my clock look awesome. 



clock [similar]
new clock face (tutorial below)
acrylic paint
gold spray paint

Free Download : Oceans

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[I know I should pay attention in class, but doodling is so much more fun.]

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