DIY: Thrift Store Clock Makeover

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Every year come spring, my mom, sister and I go to a bargain sale. It's basically this massive yard sale that hundreds of people donate to. We each have a list of things that we need and we separate into store sections and try to race the other shoppers to our item of choice. It's the bomb diggity.

This year I stumbled upon a retro double bell alarm clock. It had an MTV clock face. I've never even watch MTV. I decided to buy it (BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY A DOLLAR) and figured I could ruin it by crafting or just get rid of it. I ended up using it as my alarm clock all summer because it was the only thing loud enough to wake up my campers. Come fall and school I decided to buckle down and look on pinterest for inspiration and make my clock look awesome. 



clock [similar]
new clock face (tutorial below)
acrylic paint
gold spray paint

step your photo editor of choice (I used Inkscape), make a circle. I chose to change the background of my clock's face to white.

step two. place a smaller circle inside the circle. set the new circle on the path of the larger circle. scatter inside the circle making sure that their are twelve new small circles (one for each hour).

step three.insert sizable numbers in the font you want (I picked Euphoria Script. whoo [edit:June 2016 . I thought I was so original using this font. I didn't know that literally everyone knew about it.] ). It bothered me that nine and the six weren't closed so I fixed them. I also ended up erasing my original circle because I didn't really need it anymore.

step four.print out your new clock face. I printed mine so four would fit a page and it ended up being the perfect size.

step five. disassemble your clock with a screwdriver. [pay close attention to how everything goes together so you can put it back!]

step six. carefully remove the hands from the clock's face and retrieve the background.

step seven. trace the old clock face onto your new design and cut it out. [if it is too big or too small to fit the original face, adjust it and reprint it. you can do it. go you.]

step eight.paint the hands of the clock and the frame.

step nine.paint the legs and the bells of the clock. [I used a tissue to cover up the clock as I sprayed the ringer. I was scared tape would mess it up somehow.]

step ten. after the paint dries, put all the pieces back together.


  1. Awesome job! The clock looks absolutely adorable. #showandtell

  2. Hello Friend, You always have the best projects!!! Thank you for sharing at the Friday Favorites Link Party! Please join us again to share what you have been working on this week. Hugs - Christine at Must Love Home


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