DIY: Constellation Pill Box

Friday, October 16, 2015

I needed something in my purse so my Tylenol bottle would stop proclaiming that I had pills in my purse, so I decided I need to make a pillbox. I originally tried to use a moon picture, but because the container isn't a circle, it looked strange. I decided to go with constellations instead and it ended up reminding me of almostmakesperfect's constellation coasters. (sorry not sorry butalmostmakesperfect again.)

materials altoids smalls tin
gold spray paint
constellation paper(print the picture)

step one. clean out the altoids tin and spray it with gold spray paint.
step two. cut out the constellation paper and glue it to the top of the tin. leave a little bit of paper to overlap and glue it down. (rather than printing the whole constellation sheet, I cropped a portion of the picture to save on ink.)
step three. cut out a thin strip of constellation paper the size of side of the top and glue it around the perimeter. 

step four. cut out a piece of constellation paper the size of the base of the tin (trace it). fold it in half and then fold it over about half of an inch. 
step five. trace the rounded corners of the base and cut them out and put the into the tin as a divider.
step six. trace and cut the shape of the altoid tin's lid and put it inside of the top of the lid.

[these are gummy vitamins, not fruit snacks, I promise.]

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