Four Blogs That Deserve Street Credit

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So before I make any more posts, I've decided that I need to hand out a little street cred (the picture is on a street - that's why it's funny. ha ha ha) to those who helped me beautify my blog.
Codecademy helped me learn CSS and HTML in a non-miserable format. I wouldn't be able to understand the tutorials on other websites without it.
oh my goodness. her blog is so pretty. I can feel my blog's self esteem dropping every time I look at almostmakesperfect. her blog's minimalism is a definite inspiration to the design of my blog. She also has good content and diys that I want to make when I get a house or an apartment or a bigger room or my own room or room. Her blog is my favorite and I wish I was as cool as her.
this blog is amazing. She posts tutorials that make your blog beautiful. And it's not one of those blogs that have "pretty blog tutorials" and then the actual blog it's on is hideous.  She's currently redoing her site so I can't get on it AND IT'S TERRIBLE. She says she'll be back mid-October, but it is pure torture. I check everyday to see when she's back. She's not back.
I really like this blog. Her post about instagram hastags is really good.  I actually get likes now! Moving on... Every Saturday she makes an effort to post a new blog tutorial to "spruce up your blog all on your own." I'm very excited to see what's she's going to post and how I can use her tutorials to make my blog pretty.

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  1. Hey Timia, thank you so much for sharing my blog. I'm so glad you love it and I'm so sorry that it's been down for so long, working hard on some client sites this week and hopefully will get a chance to finish my site this weekend. Can't wait to be back blogging!


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