DIY: Flowerpot Cozy

Friday, October 23, 2015

I decided that Elisha, Elijah, and Ezra needed pretty homes. I saw this cute flowerpot cozy and I thought "oh cool yes, I'll make one. it won't look as good as hers but I'll try." As of right now, in this tutorial,  I am referring to the flowerpot cozy as the plant sweater. here we go.
yarn crochet hook  [I used size j]
a flowerpot 

step one. count and chain as many stitches as it takes to go around the bottom of the pot's circumference (for me it was about thirty stitches.) then measure all away around with stitches to where you want the top of the plant sweater to be.  (mine was about forty stitches. I didn't want mine to go all the way to the top because I wanted it to look all color blockly like here but I also wanted it to be textured.)

step two. crochet two rows. measure the height of the two rows. (mine was .5 mm)

step three. IT'S MATH TIME. So first, we have to figure out how many stitches it takes to get from the bottom of the plant sweater to the top of the plant sweater (plant sweater plant sweater plant sweater). Mine was ten because 40-30=10 [top circumference - bottom circumference]. I know, I know. My elementary education classes are really paying off. I then measured the height of the pot from where I wanted the plant sweater to start to the bottom. I got 4 mm.

So 4 mm. Every two rows for me is .5 mm so one row is .25 mm. Divide the height of the plant sweater by the height of a row (4 / .25) [plant sweater height / row height]. This number should be about how many rows you will have. I came to 16 rows with the need to reduce the stitches to 10. I already did two rows done because I used them to measure the height of the rows.

That leaves 14 rows. My plan was to decrease 1 stitch each row for 10 rows and then continue with the remaining 30 stitches for the last four rows. [I can see how this is confusing. comment or contact and beg me to clarify if you have questions.] onward.

step four. to decrease one stitch, I simply skipped over  one stitch each row. [I didn't really have a pattern of skipping, I just let my heart lead me each row.(but the heart is deceitful above all things so that might have been a mistake)] Every so often I shimmied the plant sweater on the pot to make sure it fit. 

step five. finish your rows and sew up the ends. flip it inside out (I just think it looks better) and put your PLANT SWEATER on your pot. good job.

like Ezra's pot? [I do.] learn how to make it with this tutorialby the Crafted Life!


  1. I love that your plants have names! My daughter has a cactus called Toby, must be a college student thing! Cute cosies for your plants btw and nothing wrong with theses photos, we can't all afford superdedooper cameras, life is all about using what you have!


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