The Campus Garden

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Several weeks ago my friend told me that we had a campus garden. I was super pumped. Last week I finally got the nerve to go. It was so very fun and exciting and inspirational. Only problem? I don't know what half of those vegetables are [apparently peppers are the easiest thing to grow?] and I'm super scared that I'll pick them wrong.... and at the wrong time. 

Help me learn to garden? [If you know any recipes for anything you see PLEASE SHARE THEM 

so I feel like the big green things are bell peppers. But what is that yellow looking thing?

Okay so there's the papa johns pepper, but the red ones I don't know about.

Um, this is a jalapeno, right?

I've been told these are baby cabbages.

and I'm pretty sure these are green onions.

These are bell peppers right?

This one was actually labeled. "Sweet Pepper." WHAT IS THAT?

I picked some okra and brought it home to show my mommy and she informed me that I picked it at the wrong time. I need help.. If you guys figure anything out, let me know! [that sentence sounds really aggressive, I'm sorry. *please* let me know.]

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