8 Moons to Buy or DIY

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MOON STICKY NOTES. [BUY] I need these. I'm constantly using sticky notes and making lists. I'm supposed to have them. I need them. They need me. I mean, just look at them.

MOON CLOCK. [DIY] I like the bold contrast between the moon and the hands. and the fact that the clock is a moon.

MOON TURNTABLE SLIPMAT. [BUY] I want a record player. I want vinyls and I want to dance in a kitchen to the sound of them. But unfortunately, college has some restraints. One day this beautiful slipmat will be mine, though. One day.

MOON GLOBE. [DIY] If I get married and I have the babies, I currently think it'd be super adorable to have a space themed nursery [we'll see how long this last]. This space shuttle would also be super to cute to have when they get older and I'm transitioning the nursery into big kid world.

MOON STICKERS.{BUY] These tiny stickers are precious. I don't actually have a good reason to want them, but I do. They'd go nice with my sticker collection.

MOON MOUSE PAD.  [DIY] "oh, look I made a moon mouse pad. better put it in the roundup."

MOON TEMPORARY TATTOO.  [BUY] I love the idea of having a perfect circle on my wrist. or my bicep. and I mean, it's not like I have to get a permanent tattoo because temporary tattoos exist. I think it'd be nice to get to look at the moon whenever I wanted [until the tattoo rubbed off].

MOON PILLOW. [DIY] because who wouldn't want to sleep with the sky in their arms?

I guess you can tell I'm pretty into moons right now.

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