DIY: Color Blocked Marble Laptop Skin

Friday, November 6, 2015

[inspiration] I went to Dirt Cheap the other day and found marble contact paper for $.55. I was super excited because I've been wanting a laptop skin for Henrietta but I couldn't justify buying contact paper just for this (college broke life struggle) and I definitely couldn't just buy one already made. I mean, honestly, it would've been wrong for me to not buy this contact paper(Here's some  pretty similar contact paper.)

marble contact paper
acrylic paint
mod podge


step one. cut out your marble paper a little more than the area of the top of your laptop.
step two. place tape down at an angle and paint that area.
step three. put another piece down and paint that area (I put glitter on used mod podge as a top coat here).
step four. put the contact paper on your laptop little by little while using a ruler to get rid of air bubbles.
step five. cut the corners of the paper so it can lie down without being all lumpy. cut the excess off and fold it over.

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