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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tuesday night I went to see Sufjan at the Alabama Theatre, and let me tell you: IT WAS SO GOOD. he sounded amazing, he danced adorably, and he picked the right people to play with him. Dawn Landes sang with him and it was phenomenal. AND THE LIGHT SHOW WAS SO GOOD.  (the pictures get blurry from here. sorry, friends.)

He started playing most of his songs by himself with minimal lighting and minimal visual

and then the rest of the band people join in and BAM the lights go cray cray.

at the end of all the Carrie and Lowell songs (before he started playing his older music) the lights went wild and they pulled at this amazing light machine type thing that I want for my house.

Anyways, in honor of a job well done, here are some of my favorite Sufjan Stevens songs.

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