Free Download: New Phone, Who Dis? Phone Wallpaper

Monday, December 7, 2015

My roommate and I say "new phone, who dis?" to each other all of the time. it really isn't that funny, but it.. it just is. She says we're going to buried beside each other and my tomb stone shall say "new phone" and hers will say "who dis?" it'll be a good time, for sure. anyways, enjoy a new wallpaper in honor of roomie bonding. this won't be the last you hear of "new phone, who dis?" beware.



  1. This came at such a good time! I'm getting a new phone in about 1-2 weeks, and I'm a big fan of that phrase as well lmao. Now I'm even more excited to get the phone just so I can flaunt this wallpaper


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