DIY: Friends Central Perk Mug

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas is a comin'. My roommate and I aren't supposed to spend money on each other, so I bought a mug from dollar tree and stole borrowed her sharpies. We both really, really, like Friends, and I saw a Central Perk mug in Francesca's once and thought it would be a really easy, cheap gift to make. I was right.


step 1.  outline whatever you draw in pencil. trace each section individually, because when you trace it in sharpie, it'll get wiped off. see how light mine is? even if you forget to wipe off, what you don't trace over (it'll get wiped off anyways. trust me.) ain't nobody gone notice. if you mess up on your pencil outline, don't use the eraser. just wipe it off with your hand.

step 2.  after you outline the perk, it's surrounding oval thing, and the little circles on the inside, trace it with a black sharpie. I drew the bolder sides of the letters with regular sharpies and the thinner sides with fine tip sharpies. if you mess up in sharpie, you can try using and eraser or smudging it with your finger or using a wet paper towel or sighing obnoxiously. I did all of the above.

step 3.  outline the banner. make sure it's centered according to the perk. good job. trace it in sharpie. then outline the letters and trace those in sharpie, too.

step 5.   draw the coffee mug. this was the hardest part for me. it took forever to draw it right, so I'm very happy for the pencil. the image I above was one of my mistakes.whoops.
step 6. CAREFULLY color it in. because there's so much color flying around, it's super easy to smudge. be    careful. bake that sucker. good. you did it.

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