DIY Handlettered Glitter Phone Case

Friday, December 11, 2015

Remember here, when I said this would you'd hear "new phone, who dis?" again? it's baaaaaack. for my roommate's other Christmas present, I decided to make her a handwritten glitter phone case. It's super simple.


  • phone case (duh)
  • mod podge
  • glitter
  • sharpie 

step 1.  so to begin, I traced the case and practiced  drawing it one paper. then I wrote it on the case in sharpie (if you mess up here, just scrub it with sharpie).

step 2.  put mod podge onto your paintbrush and carefully trace over the sharpie writing.

step 3.  dump glitter on it. (I usually pour my glitter over a  folded piece of paper so I can just pour it back into the bottle. waste not want not.)

step 4. shake off the excess glitter. it's not all gonna come off at first, but after a bit, it should stop sprinkling glam.

if I had an iPhone I'd keep it for myself. oh, no, guess I'll have to make one for myself. what  a shame.

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