How to Have Concert Manners

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I did it! I went to the Eisley + Copeland concert. It was aight. It really wasn't that fantastic. Do you wanna know why? BECAUSE PEOPLE LACK MANNERS. for the opener (we the city) I could see just fine, but when Eisley came on, the tallest of the tall decided to stand in front of me. which you know, would've been fine if they hadn't pushed me (it wouldn't have been fine).

so rule number one of concerts :

1. if you're tall, don't be a jerk.  I know you can't help you're tall, but don't push tiny people.

some other rules to think about:

2. don't be a drunk jerk. if you're gonna drink or be high, at least get someone to babysit you. i came to listen to good music, not listen to you yell.

3. don't make out. I mean honestly, if you want to go make out, go elsewhere. if you want to listen to the concert, don't make out. I know it's a difficult decision, but please don't do both.

I'm done complaining for now. Eisley did really well, and finals are kicking my butt.

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