9 Shows to Binge Watch

Monday, January 18, 2016

9 Shows to Binge Watch

On the 19 things to do by yourself list from my 2016 bucket list, it says "binge on a tv show." Well, I've done that. many, many times. so I made a list of my favorite shows! Take a look.

I know the office doesn't make sense if you just randomly start watching in the middle of the season, so if you tried and didn't like it try again. Start from the beginning; it's amazing.

I also love Parks and Rec. It's mockumentary style like the office and it's pretty great. It starts getting SUPER good at season 2. The last season was a major disappointment, but it still had a few good episodes.

This is the show that I'm currently binge watching. My best friend recommend it and I thought I would end up hating it, but I actually really like it!

I also thought that I would end up hating friends, but I absolutely loved it.  I don't know why no one cared enough to share this with me until it came out on Netflix.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. The first season is probably my favorite. Just pretend the Frozen season doesn't exist. It's so bad.

Watch the first season, clap, and then never watch another season. (but the first season is really really good.)

I LOVE COMMUNITY. So much. I haven't even gotten to finish it because I can't find the rest of the seasons. Ten out of ten; highly recommend.

This show is so underrated. AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO CANCEL IT. Thankfully they offered closure and made a movie to wrap it up. thank goodness.

ANOTHER fantastic show that got cancelled. and the ended it at the worst possible spot. Unlike firefly, they give you absolutely no closure. Oh my goodness, it is a fantastic show, though.

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