Merry Friday

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sometimes life is mean. Yesterday was one of those days. I have no doubt that today will be better. The Lord is faithful and everything is going to be okay. I hope we all have a super merry Friday because I super duper need it and I want you all to be merry, too.

It's never too late to get a planner, and almost makes perfect has this super awesome diy planner on her blog.

This free game is pretty addicting and fun for all you android people.

I really want these shoes. they would be so easy to clean and I could keep them foreva.

Everyone I know is getting married so these diy pot holders will probably be in a lot of their wedding gifts.

These stainless steel gold pots are beautiful. and super expensive.

Basically what happened to Elisha, Elijah, and Ezra is exactly what happened in this video.

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