New Year / New Changes

Monday, January 4, 2016

Over the past two weeks, I finally buckled down and I got crap done. Exciting, I know. There are some subtle changes and maybe not so subtle changes and new content and good things. Look at the picture. I branded the blog. Go, Timia.


I got all serious and bought a domain. this blog is now ""! wahoo. tell your friends.

Different categories of posts are coming. There is the ambitions category that I discuss here; and on January 8, I will start Merry Fridays! On Merry Fridays, I'll just share with you different interesting posts that I've seen throughout the week and maybe other things. One of my best friends is expecting to be engaged pretty soon and she wants me to help plan her wedding, so look forward to posts related to that.

I added Facebook and Twitter to exodus treasures's social media. I'm pretty intimidated by this. [also some guy took "exodustreasures" from me on twitter so I have to use "@xodustreasures."]

I changed the comments to Disqus. It honestly pained me how easy that change was. It took like two seconds and it is sooo much better.


I don't have a camera. I'm working on it. 

if you have any changes that you'd like to see, just comment below  [with Disqus because I have it now] or use the contact page!

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  1. I hate when other people take my username. I'm so many different variations on the different platforms. :(
    the changes sound like fun! I look forward to seeing them in action.


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