DIY Handpainted Hollow Book

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Melissa and I have officially begun planning her wedding (it's a literary theme!). She wanted to give her bridesmaids a copy of a book and a present, but we found out that that was a lil' pricey. Since she really only wanted the books for decoration, I suggested that we just hollow out books and paint on the title; and she loved the idea. She filled the books with a poem, a pen, and chocolate.


a (bad / lame) hardcover book
xacto knife
acrylic paint
paint pens

Free Brushstroke Phone Wallpaper Download

Monday, February 15, 2016

Where I have I been? Everywhere. Okay, that's not exactly true; but I did have a lot of school stuff and work to do. Plus I've been out of town these past two weekends. I also wanted to redo the the look of my blog. I like it much better this way. (if you want a blog makeover, I'm for hire. for real, I'm super cheap.) I made a free download in hopes to push you to forgive me. I'm sorry I'm a slacker.


Winter Jam

Monday, February 8, 2016

I know you all probably don't care about some of my life adventures, BUT I SAW LAUREN DAIGLE AND I AM SO PLEASED.

We got to winterjam about thirty minutes early and the line was super long and the weather super cold. When the doors opened, we found our seat and ended up being next to a youth group. Now, don't get me wrong - I have absolutely nothing against youth groups, but these youth type humans were so annoying. This guy who was sitting beside me kept pulling the hair of the girl in front of him, and some girl kept yelling to her friends the whole time; which is fine I guess because you couldn't really hear them over the music. However, when it came time for the speaker guy, I heard nothing he said [AT ALL]. When they started talking during the prayer, Melissa shut them down real hard. I was proud to call her friend. end rant.

Lauren Daigle did an amazing job, of course. In my humble opinion, she didn't get nearly enough stage time, but I'm still a super proud fan.  Listen to how well she did! Notice how she accidnetally rejects some guy trying to give her flowers. [warning: these videos are short and sweet because snapchat.}

I had to leave early because I had an exam to study for and I'm supposed to be responsible, but I still had a great time. I hope you have a super Monday.

[I said super a lot in this post.]

Merry Friday

Friday, February 5, 2016

This week I had two exams. I had one yesterday and there's one today, so studying took over me this week. I'm trying to balance my time better, but blogging and schooling and working is haaarrrd. I also went to winterjam last night and saw LAUREN DAIGLE but I had to leave early because I had to study. I was not pleased [but more on that later].

This diy jump rope looks amazing and I'm absolutely going to make one this year.

Have you seen this guy who makes super awesome pancakes?! This one is anger from inside out.

I'm super happy I started using skillshare. Twas a good decision on my part.

I'm sure Justin Beiber wasn't trying to make it look like he was suffering in this picture.

These diy spray bottles are genius for organizing or color coding your home. They're also super aesthetically pleasing.


I hope your weekend is happy and your friday merry!

free printable friends CD Sleeve

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I saw this awesome mixtape sleeve here and decided I needed to make one for my bestest friend to match the galentine's day cards I made her. She has me in her phone as Joey [disclaimer: I am nothing like Joey] and I have her as Chandler so I felt a Friends themed mixtape would be appropriate. Download the cover below and view all of the instructions here!

Here's the super short  playlist I made for my bestie. (Good Company from Oliver and Company was on there, too but spotify doesn't have it.)

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