DIY Handpainted Hollow Book

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Melissa and I have officially begun planning her wedding (it's a literary theme!). She wanted to give her bridesmaids a copy of a book and a present, but we found out that that was a lil' pricey. Since she really only wanted the books for decoration, I suggested that we just hollow out books and paint on the title; and she loved the idea. She filled the books with a poem, a pen, and chocolate.


a (bad / lame) hardcover book
xacto knife
acrylic paint
paint pens

step 1. separate the first two or three pages of the book from the rest  (if you don't, your book will be glue shut).  glue the edges of the pages together, and place a heavier book on top of the book while it dries. 

step 2. with an exacto knife or a box cutter, cut out your book. we drew a rectangle on the first page we cut as a guide. it took a little while to hollow it out completely, and I was TERRIBLE at it.

step 3. paint your book (it took me about four coats to really cover up the original letters) and use a paint pen to write a new title on your book. I accidentally broke my pen so all the paint came out super fast and I ended up having to use brush to even out the letters.

step 4.  fill your fancy new book with presents or secrets or candy.

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