A Look at my 2016 Ambitions

Monday, March 28, 2016

In case anyone was wondering how well I was doing with my 2016, ambitions, the answer is not too hot.


  • eat a macaroon  -  I ate one but it I think it was old. doesn't count.
  • learn how to properly do calligraphy - I have a book! it's in the works. 
  • complete this ways to be more intentional with people list - er. I'm doing alright.
  • do all nineteen things on this list by myself   -  I'm doing alright here, too.
  • learn how to properly fill in my eyebrows - they still look awful.
  • make a new friend - this is so hard! 
  • knit for the homeless - it's not cold weather time yet, but I will. 
  • host a giveaway - IT'S IN THE WORKS.
  • be able to wear lipstick confidently  - nailed it.
  • learn to embroider - I will eventually.
  • drink at least one bottle of water a day   DONE
  • wash my face twice a day - DONE
  • paint my nails more - I'm doing amazing here, too.
  • exercise three times a week [ha] - hahahhaha
  • eat healthier [haha]- it's so hard!
  • wear jewelry at least once a week - I keep forgetting.
  • play the piano more - I'm actually playing less. I'm a failure.
  • brush my teeth for two minutes two times a day - this is going pretty okay.
  • wake up on time [ha] - I'm actually doing fantastic at this.
  • kick college's butt - HAHAHAHHA NO. read this for an update.
  • read for fun more - maybe I'll have time this summer?
  • have meaningful daily devotions - I'm very very disappointed in myself here. 

Merry Friday

Friday, March 18, 2016

Merry Friday

spring break was fun and I got lots of work done. rhyming words, rhyming words, rhyming words, pun.

why, yes, please. I would love to make these salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.
these morocan fabric coasters are a very clever and very easy diy.
diy marble candles have officially hit the diy marble everything movement.
someone please get me these expensive measuring cups.
these diy pom pom pillows look hip and cuddly.

Life Updates

Monday, March 14, 2016

I know I haven't been posting very much but I have a really valid excuse : school.  Yes, I know I complain about it wayyyyyy too much (this is going to be the last time. I'm going to try really hard, I promise.)  Now school wasn't the only reason, but it was definitely the main one. Midterms were killer.

I've been stretching myself too far. I've had work; I've had school stuff (more than normal); I've had traveling; and  I've been working with cut out + keep again (!!!). I've also been trying really super duper very hard to change my major to graphic design. If I stay where I am now, it would take me an extra two years to finish college. No, thank you. If I transfer, it's going to cost a looot more money and my parents aren't all to keen on that.

Anyways, I'm going to stop complaining about school so much and learn to balance my time better. I will keep posting but maybe not as frequently as I once was. Or maybe I will. We'll see. I hope you all understand and can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Oh! I'm trying to buy a real camera. It absolutely will not be a fancy expensive camera (college sucks your money dry), but it will definitely be better than a phone camera. Happy Monday, fellas.

Merry Friday

Friday, March 4, 2016

College is hard and I'm ready for spring break.

Here's a super great way to update your bathroom tile.
Be the perfect host and try these 14 tips for your guest room.
For really want this gold wire towel holder. 
These bath bomb eggs would make super great presents.
This lemon and rosemary cake looks phenomenal and surprisingly easy.
I need to make this diy antler phone charger pronto.
These free download pop-up house invitations are adorable.

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