A Look at my 2016 Ambitions

Monday, March 28, 2016

In case anyone was wondering how well I was doing with my 2016, ambitions, the answer is not too hot.


  • eat a macaroon  -  I ate one but it I think it was old. doesn't count.
  • learn how to properly do calligraphy - I have a book! it's in the works. 
  • complete this ways to be more intentional with people list - er. I'm doing alright.
  • do all nineteen things on this list by myself   -  I'm doing alright here, too.
  • learn how to properly fill in my eyebrows - they still look awful.
  • make a new friend - this is so hard! 
  • knit for the homeless - it's not cold weather time yet, but I will. 
  • host a giveaway - IT'S IN THE WORKS.
  • be able to wear lipstick confidently  - nailed it.
  • learn to embroider - I will eventually.
  • drink at least one bottle of water a day   DONE
  • wash my face twice a day - DONE
  • paint my nails more - I'm doing amazing here, too.
  • exercise three times a week [ha] - hahahhaha
  • eat healthier [haha]- it's so hard!
  • wear jewelry at least once a week - I keep forgetting.
  • play the piano more - I'm actually playing less. I'm a failure.
  • brush my teeth for two minutes two times a day - this is going pretty okay.
  • wake up on time [ha] - I'm actually doing fantastic at this.
  • kick college's butt - HAHAHAHHA NO. read this for an update.
  • read for fun more - maybe I'll have time this summer?
  • have meaningful daily devotions - I'm very very disappointed in myself here. 

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