DIY Wooden Box Makeover

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I got THE BEST presents for Valentine's day. A buttload of loose leaf tea, two clay cups, a kettle, and a tea pot. I decided I need a tea box to hold my bagged tea to match my new gear. I made the other box to hold my new fancy cups.

wooden boxes (I got mine on sale at Target, but they aren't sold online)
paint and paint brushes
spray paint
(pretty) paper

step 1. spray paint the clasp any color you would like. I chose gold.

step 2. paint the boxes!  (be extra careful around the clasp.) I made my plum colored one  look streaky, and  I splattered the teal by brushing a paintbrush across my finger.

step 3. cut out your paper to fit the insides of the box and glue them to the sides.

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