DIY Color Block Clipboard

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I found this AMAZING floral contact paper and I started wrapping everything in it. I used it for the backdrop of my new picture; I lined the drawers in my new apartment (because I'm a big kid now) with it; I wrapped a shoe box with it, and now I made a color blocked clipboard and I'm obsessed.

clipboard ( similar )
contact paper
acrylic paint

step 1. cut out enough contact paper to cover your clipboard. I cut out enough to wrap all of the front and then I covered the back. I love this contact paper because it's very forgiving and you can't really tell where I messed up.
step 2. place tape down and paint where you would like the "pop of color" to be. make sure you place the tape firmly because the paint likes to sneak underneath and ruin the clean straight lines. rude.
(step 3). I placed more tape down overlapping the seafoam green and the floral to make a bold black line.

I say this about almost everything I make, but oh my goodness it was painfully easy.

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