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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I'm a notebook / notepad junkie. I love to take notes in church or class or just doodle for fun. I've always been a compulsive list maker and notes are just a wonderful thing. I also LOVE couponing! Unfortunately, sometimes I can only print one coupon a page and I can't justify throwing away the rest of the paper after I cut them out so I have a bunch of paper scraps. I wasn't sure what to do with them until I had to use rubber cement for a collage project for a design class. Thus birthed these mini notepads.


paper scraps
notepad covers
binder clips
rubber cement
watercolors (optional)

step 1. stack your paper scraps together (I made a template for those, too, so they can all be the exact same size.) and clip them together with binder clips.

step 2. brush the top edge with rubber cement.

step 3 (optional). brush the sides with watercolor.

step 4. print to the notepad cover onto cardstock. stack it on top of the paper and brush rubber cement along the top edge to attach it.

these notepads fit really easily in a purse and make fantastic gifts! they also tear out pretty smoothly. and they're cute.

download mini notepad printable cover download mini notepad sheet template

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