diy splattered wood coasters

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If you were here Monday, you saw this post mentioning my kitchen wants. I'm going to start doing tiny things to reach my kitchen goals and I decided I needed coasters. I came across these west elm rain coasters and knew I needed them. I also knew I could make them and it would be much cheaper (which really worked out because theirs had a gold rim and I wanted a copper rim).


wood circles
masking tape or painters tape
white paint
black paint
metallic paint

step 1. paint the rims of your wood circles with your metallic paint and let them dry. be super careful to not get it on the top part because some of it will be exposed.

step 2. cover some of the wood coaster with masking tape.

step 3. paint the top of the wood white.

step 4. with a paint brush, brush the black paint off of your finger so that the paint splatters onto your circles.

step 5 (optional). I was a little messy on the back of mine when I was painting the rim so I covered the back completely in copper make it look like I did it on purpose.

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