The Big Break

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I used to wonder why I couldn't be like bigger blogs like Homey Oh My or Almost Makes Perfect, but I now realize that it's because those bloggers are big girls. They're grown up grown ups.

They have apartments - I have a dorm.
They have actual jobs - I have a mountain of student loans.

School just consumes soooo much of my time. Almost of all of it. I both transferred schools and switched majors and I have a buttload of work to do. I wish I could dedicate more of my time to blogging, but I really, really can't. At least not yet. I want to do the best that I can do while I am in school and if I ever catch a spare moment, I'm probably going to use it to do some freelance work or grow my etsy shop (because let's be honest. blogging's not going to make me any money for a long while).

that being said, I will absolutely keep posting in my spare time. I've been invited by skillshare to teach a virtual crafting class (YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SIGN UP) and instructables has asked me to participate in some of their themed projects. I'll of course try to post as much as possible because I really do enjoy blogging.

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