diy shadowbox calendar

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

to help ring in the new year, I made a shadowbox calendar! it looks rad + it's super functional. you can put it on your desk, mount it on your wall, or put it pretty much wherever you want. since it's a box, it serves as its own little storage container and keeps the calendar pages from getting lost. use the free download at the end of the tutorial to make your own!


shadow box / calendar template
scissors / xacto knife
rubber cement


step 1. on cardstock, print the template front and back.

step 2. cut out the box template along the solid lines (don't forget the tabs!).

step 3. with rubber cement, glue the flaps + tabs to create your box. use tape to help keep the flaps from popping up while the cement dries (use tape that won't rip your paper.)

step 4. while the rubber cement is drying, cut out the calendar pages from the template.

step 5. remove the tape from your box, and put the calendar pages inside. put the top on your box and display.

download the box template download the calendar pages

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