diy copper and marble vase

Monday, May 29, 2017

I think my current favorite color scheme is black, white, and grey with copper accents. I find myself wanting to make more and more projects with those colors so I've finally decided to give into temptation. Next semester, my dorm will be black, grey, white, "minimalist pink" and copper which means I basically need to completely redo my dorm (meaning more diys! hooray!). these vases were an easy start.


glass bottle
foam paint brushes
matte black paint
metallic copper paint
white nail polish
masking tape


step 1. paint your bottles black.

step 2. cover the parts you don't want to be marbled with masking tape.

step 3. fill your tub with water and drip white nail polish into it (it should float on top.) swirl the nail polish around with a toothpick or whatever (if you need a tutorial, shimmy on over here). make sure to let this dry - sometimes the water does weird things to the paint.

step 4. make a space for your strip of copper paint by adding masking tape a little above or below your marbled section.

step 5. paint in between the tape sections with copper paint.

step 6. remove the tape. if your tape peels some of the black paint off (mine did), do a quick touchup.

I'm super pleased with how they turned out, but I think I'll put them on different sides of the room since the copper paint strips don't line up perfectly.

(I'll be posting more since school's out so stay tuned!)

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